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Derek Proulx

MA Rent to Own

Recently I have had several clients approach me for rentals in the Boston, MA and surrounding areas very interested by the phrase “rent to own.” I have to say prior to being a real estate agent I did not have a clear understanding of what it really meant and my preconceived notions were incorrect like […]

Cheap ways to spruce your multi-unit up!

Some cheap ideas to spruce your Multi-Unit up:   1)      Plant small flowers if you can in the front yard area. Generally multi-unit homes have less usable land for this but it’ll make the house stand out nice. 2)      Get your power washer out! If you don’t own one, rent one! This is inexpensive but […]

Reasons to buy in MA right now!

I hear buzz from potential buyers that they are still uncertain about the housing market and are waiting for a better time to buy. All signs point to buy low now because we are getting back into a much healthier housing market coming into 2013 in MA. 1) Rental amounts are shooting through the roof […]

Why pay someone else’s mortgage?

Why rent and pay someone else’s mortgage? Get pre-qual today and let’s go view some great multi-unit #home investments!

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